Today the plan was to eat out but then we changed idea, we worked so hard this week that we just wanted to go back home as soon as possible. Also I had seen my colleague eating cous cous and I was dying to try to cook it myself. I had a box of cous cous in the kitchen for some time but since last time I tried to cook it, it was a disaster, I was always postponing the moment of the truth.
I made it with the “leftover” vegetables that I had in the kitchen and since it came out pretty good and my husband liked it, next time I will make it with a selection of ingredients that are not random (my colleague had put salmon in it and I definitely want to try that.

Note: I put the quantity of cous cous and the way to cook it as it was indicated on my box, so before preparing it, check what the cooking suggestions are on your box.


2 cups of cous cous
2 cups of water
4 carrots
1 onion
1 zucchini
1 can of corn
100 gr of feta cheese
Olive oil, salt, chili pepper, Brodo Granulare

How to

1. Put the carrots and the zucchini in hot water and boil it until they are ready (around 15 minutes)
2. Put the 2 cups of water on the fire to boil, adding the Brodo granulare to make a broth
3. Warm some olive oil and add the cous cous to get is lightly cooked. Take off from the fire. Add the boiling broth and stir a bit. Cover and let the cous cous cook. Stir every now and then.
4. In a bowl cut the feta cheese and the corn. Add the cous cous.
5. Once the zucchini and the carrots are ready cut them in small pieces and pass them in a pan with some oil, the chili pepper and the salt. Add the onion cut very small.
6. Once the ingredients are lightly fried, add everything together in the bowl and mix.
7. Add the raisins after passing them in the hot water to get back their flavor.
8. Serve and eat abundantly!