This is the first time I try the canelloni as a pasta and I have to say they came out pretty good, even if I already know what I can do better: more besciamella and more sauce so they cook better.


1 package of canelloni (I counted 5 canelloni per person)
750 gr spinach
300 gr ricotta cheese
Passata rustica
Parmesan cheese, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil

Time: 40 minutes + 30-40 minutes cooking in the oven

How to:

1. Cook the spinach in a pan with the oil. Add salt, pepper and powder garlic until it taste good.
2. Let it cool. Once it is cold, add the ricotta and some parmesan cheese and mix well.
3. Fill up all the canelloni and put them in the baking pan. I had some problems at the beginning but then I discovered that the easiest way to fill the canelloni is by using the handle of a teaspoon.
4. Cover the canelloni with abundant besciamella and some passata. I don’t like too much sauce, but you can decide how much to put.
5. Add parmesan cheese. You can add some bits of butter if you want to make it more creamy.
6. Put in the pre-heat oven (200°) for at least 30 minutes. You need to check if the pasta of the canelloni is ready.
7. Serve very hot!